Attractions in Pai District

Top Things to Do in Pai District

Pai is well-known among most tourists. This county contains more tourist attractions than you can imagine. It’s good for people of all genders and ages.

No matter where you’ve heard its name from, you may still want to know why most tourists love this county, or why it is good. Well, let’s find out.

First of all, Pai is an ancient town. Although it may be small, but it’s heart-warming. If you take a look at the map of Mae Hong Son, you will find the county on the upper part of the province. The northern side of Pai connects to Myanmar. Its eastern and southern side connect to Chiang Mai. The western side meets Muang District and Pang Mapha District.

The landscape of Pai District consists of mountains. Doi Mae Ya is the highest one, about 2,005 metres high. The nature is beautiful. There are many water resources, including rivers, totally cool and fresh.

List of attractions in Pai District

The best seasons to visit Pai are any seasons, except for around cold season. During cold season, the temperature can be at 2 degree Celcius and you may feel freezing. You can get sick and that won’t be good at all.

Now, if you go, you will find many natural and traditional tourist attractions, something like Mae Yen Waterfall, Mo Phaeng Waterfall, Pai Walking Street(a famous shopping district), or Muang Phaeng Hot Spring, where you can enjoy warming yourself in the natural hot water and even have a little picnic.

There are even some learning resources for you too, for and example, Yunnan Cultural Centre at Santichol Village, where you will learn about Yunnan culture and people, or what happened in the past, how to these people live their lives.

Pai is a lovely and friendly town. It’s worthy of visiting for once.

5 Days Weather forecast in Pai


Weather forecast Pai, Thailand
05:4818:57 +07
Feels like: 30°C
Wind: 5km/h SE
Humidity: 90%
Pressure: 1006.43mbar
UV index: 0