Attractions in Pang Mapha District

Top Things to Do in Pang Mapha District

If you’ve ever had a dream of cave exploration or having a sightseeing in the middle of nature, then visiting Pang Mapha District may be a great choice for you.

Pang Mapha District is a county in Mae Hong Son Province. It is located on the top spot of the province, if you take a look at a map. The northern side of the county connects to Myanmar. The eastern side connects to Pai District. The southern side connects to Pai District and Muang District. The western side connects to Muang District and Myanmar.

There are quite many tourist attractions in Pang Mapha, mostly natural. There are beautiful caves for you to explore, for examples, Lod Cave or Nam Bo Phee Cave. Moreover, there are national parks, ethnic communities, and sightseeing spots.

Attractions in Pang Mapha

The District should be called ‘a true land for all nature lovers’, or ‘a land of cave explorers’. Seriously, those caves in Pang Mapha are really stunning. They consist of stalactites and stalagmites, looking so glorious like some kind of pearl. They’re worthy of exploration. Cave exploration is a quite popular activity for all men and women. If you are in perfect health and dress properly, give yourself a chance, choose a cave in Pang Mapha and go! You can go by yourself or hire a tour guide to point you in right direction.

Other things like waterfalls and little villages are lovely to go too. They are peaceful and surrounded with simple lifestyles. The villages are specially suggested for all brand-new visitors in Pang Mapha. By going to those places, you will learn more about ethnic cultures and lifestyles. You will make new friends and relax yourself. Having a picnic or sightseeing at one of waterfalls can make you feel cooler after vicious hot weather.