Attractions in Khun Yuam District

Top Things to Do in Khun Yuam District

Speaking of most beautiful counties in Mae Hong Son, surely Khun Yuam can never be skipped. This District is surrounded with mountains and rivers. If you want to explore a cave or a woodland, or go hiking, this is an interesting choice.

Khun Yuam itself is a high land, about 600 metres higher than the medium sea level and about 2,365 square kilometres large. Its northern and western side connect to Myanmar, only that the northern side also connect to Huai Pong District. The southern side meets Mae Tho District and Mae La Luang District. The eastern side meets Chiang Mai.

Khun Yuam wasn’t a country at first, but it was just a small town named ‘Muang Khun Yuam’ before. Many different ethnic people moved into the town and they have called Khun Yuam, ‘Ban Goon Lom’. The word ‘lom’ means ‘wind ‘ in English. There has been wind blowing through the town.

Of couse, Khun Yuam is another District to visit if you like cold weather but hate hot weather. The weather at Khun Yuma is mostly cold. You don’t have to worry about losing too much sweat.

Attractions in Khun Yuam District

All those suggested tourist attractions in Khun Yuam are mostly natural ones. Take ‘Bua Tong Field at Doi Mae-U-Kho’ as an example. This is a very beautiful flower field. Or, you may visit some waterfalls like Mae Surin Waterfall or Mae Yuam Luang Waterfall, just to play in cool water, explore woodlands around there, or even have a little picnic.

If you don’t want to walk around too much and get your feet sore, you may visit some learning resources instead. Khun Yuam World War 2 Museum is a great examples. You can learn so many details about the history of world war and apply the knowledge to your real life.

Or, if you’re a merit maker, you can just find a temple to go. There are so many of them around Khun Yuam.

5 Days Weather forecast in Khun Yuam District


Weather forecast Khun Yuam District, Thailand
Partly Cloudy
07:0418:15 +07
Feels like: 16°C
Wind: 3km/h SSE
Humidity: 98%
Pressure: 1011.18mbar
UV index: 0