Mae Hong Son Festivals

Mae Hong Son Festivals & Events 

Events and Festivals can full-fill your happiness of your trip. When you’re in a historic town like Mae Hong Son, you don’t want to just wander around or take photos. Believe it, you will want something more than that. You will want to learn more about the history of the town.

All events and festivals have been being held and preserved since the past. They originate from different cultures of different people group. That’s how they come, including in Mae Hong Son.

Events and Festival in Mae Hong Son can reflect stories from the past. You can imagine how people from the past lived their lives and know what they though about.

Let’s take ‘Poi Sang Song Festival’ as an example. This is a monkhood/novice-obtaining ritual, which is in fact a ritual of Shan people. You see? Now you know that Shan people must have been running this ritual for decades. They must have been having their boys being obtained into novices and dressing in colorful costumes like this for years. Isn’t that interesting?

Or, ‘Bua Tong Festival at Doi Mae-U-Kho’ can also make you know that Mae Hong Son has this amazing natural place and the festival have been being held all long. You can see quality products from villagers and ethnic people in Mae Hong Son, as there will be booths selling OTOP products and ethnic products in the festival too.

However, the heart of a festival or an event, is all about heart gathering. This means, people from different families come to see each other. They can smile and say ‘hello’ to each other even they haven’t known each other before. Or people who love each other can go to a festival or an event together. That will be a valuable time.