Attractions in Muang Mae Hong Son

Top Things to Do in Muang Mae Hong Son District

Every provinces in Thailand, except for Bangkok and its faubourgs, have ‘Muang District’. Same as Mae Hong Son, Muang District gathers many interesting tourist attractions. Fresh air and atmosphere are still guaranteed just like in suburban areas.

Muang Mae Hong Son itself is a lovely province, full of history, lovely people, interesting culture and lifestyle, many ethnic groups. The atmosphere is mostly relaxing and natural. You’re not gonna be disappointed.

In the heart of it, there aren’t many concrete buildings like in big cities. On the contrary, the area is still natural. You can even find relaxing tourist attractions in the middle of nature, for examples, Pha Bong Sightseeing Spot or Mae Surin Waterfall. You may not believe your eyes that you’re in the middle of the province, but this is true. You can soak yourself in the natural hot water.

List of attractions in Muang Mae Hong Son District

Some communities, which are inhabited by ethnic groups, are worthy of visiting. There are quite many of them in Muang District of Mae Hong Son, for examples, Ban Rak Thai and The Microwave Mhong Village. These ethnic groups are Karen or Mhong. But don’t worry, they’re friendly. Tourists can talk to them and walk around their villages to observe their lifestyles. You will see many things that you’ve never seen before. These villagers are peaceful. The villagers live simply. They still attach their hearts to their traditions. You should gain a lot of new knowledge.

And, speaking of travel, you can go around Muang District even if you don’t have a personal car. You can hail many public vehicles. Just ask the driver first whether he/she can take you to your destination. Or, another choice is to rent a car, but it may not be convenient in some situations. Some tourist attractions may be hard to be accessed by a car.

5 Days Weather forecast in Muang, Mae Hong Son


Weather forecast Muang, Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Partly Cloudy
06:0618:47 +07
Feels like: 40°C
Wind: 8km/h SSW
Humidity: 32%
Pressure: 1001.02mbar
UV index: 0