Attractions in Mae La Noi District

Top Things to Do in Mae La Noi District

Mae La Noi itself has a long story. In the past, Lawa people tried to make their livings in the area. But they didn’t stay that way very long, as later, Shan people came and disturbed their livings. That forced Lawa people to get away. From then on, ‘Lawa’ has been called as ‘La’ until nowadays. And that’s where the name ‘Mae La Noi’ came from.

In case you feel tired of your everyday life in a big city, then moving to some place else for a while, just to study the history and admire the natural beauty of that place for a little bit, may be a good idea. And Mae Na Noi should be one of your choice.

You can visit many places, there are plenty of them. You will enjoy yourself everywhere, especially if you love nature. You know, the District is surrounded with mountains.

Attractions in Mae La Noi District

The first place that you should set your foot in, it Kaew Komol Cave. This is a good example for the beauty of nature in the District. The cave is super amazing. It’s not an ordinary cave, but a cave with calcite. You should see for yourself. How beautiful!

Other suggested ones are probably agricultural tourist attractions. You may be interested in Mae La Noi Royal Project. You should gain many new knowledge by visiting there. You will see descending plantations and see how plants are grown.

Ethnic villages are something that you can not miss too. You know that Mae Hong Son is inhabited by many group of people. If you have a chance of visiting an ethnic community, like Huai Hom Karen Village, learn their culture, it will be your valuable experience.

Same as temples, they consist of long-time stories too. All different cultures in Mae Hong Son can be present through those architectures in temples. Find one for yourself and go. Admire those architectures and pay respect to the place.

5 Days Weather forecast in Mae Lanoi, Mae Hong Son


Weather forecast Mae Lanoi, Mae Hong Son, Thailand
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06:4117:49 +07
Feels like: 28°C
Wind: 6km/h ESE
Humidity: 64%
Pressure: 1011.51mbar
UV index: 3