Attractions in Sob Moei District

Top Things to Do in Sob Moei District

Same as many other counties in Mae Hong Son, Sob Moei District is full of beautiful natural scenery: mountains, cliff, water resources etc.

The District is on the lowest part of the province, if you take a look at the map. If you go to its eastern wing, you will find out that it connects to Hod District and Om Goi District. Or, if it’s southern side, it connects to Chiang Mai,Om Goi District, and Ta Song Yang District of Tak Province too. The western side meets Myanmar. And the northern side connects to Mae Sariang District.

The District is about medium size, with 1,059 square kilometres as the whole area. It has many beautiful rivers, for examples, Yuam River and Ngao River.

The weather in Sob Moei is mostly cold. If your house is too hot, more than you can bear, then you can have a short vacation in Sob Moei for a while. You can go anywhere that you heart desires. If you choose to travel in cold season, it will be best. The temperature during cold season starts from 5-15 degree Celcious. That’s nice. Just don’t forget to wear thick clothes, so that you don’t get freezing.

Attractions in Sob Moei District

The most suggested tourist attractions in Sob Moei are national parks. They will give you full new experience of self-relaxing. For an example, Mae Ngao National Park, you can enjoy having a little picnic, exploring woodland, and take a lot of nice photos.

Temples are also interesting in Sob Moei. They are mostly small, for examples, Wat Kon Phueng and Wat Mae Mood, but relaxing, quiet, and peaceful.

No matter where you’re from, who you are, what gender you are, or how old you are, Sob Moei will always be a place that can full-fill your happiness. Getting there with your friends and family for the best mood.