The tranquil beauty of Pang Ung Lake

Pang Ung lake is hidden gem behind Ruam Thai village

pang ung lake, pang ung, pang ung mae hong son

Pang Ung Lake is a place for people who love to touch fresh cold air and beautiful mountains with the lake view. It is one of the Royal Inintiative Projects by HM Queen Sirikit for highland development.

Pang Ung is about as far out as you can get in Thailand, it’s a place in the Mae Hong Son province of Thailand and one of the most picturesque places I can think of up north. If you love camping there in Pang Ung has to be one of the best camp grounds in Thailand. During December and Febuary is the best time to plan a trip here as the temperature drops you wake up in the morning to see the mist rising off the lake, it’s amazing how many Thai people just come to see it, lots of photo ops.

pang ung lake, pang ung, pang ung mae hong son

pang ung lake, pang ung, pang ung mae hong son

Pang Ung Lake is especially popular with Thai campers as the campsite in Pang Ung gets very cold. And I can totally get that if you’ve lived in the heat your whole life sleeping over night in the cold would be a treat. The day is still very warm even though it starts out cold. The air is crisp and you can smell the trees it’s a wonderful spot.

The atmosphere of mist in the morning, Pang Ung then do not miss another is to take a scenic river and surroundings. And if your lucky, it might be possible with the reservoir performance is a black swan and white swan with a pair of swans which had been bestowed by the Queen. And not to be missed is to go to Pang Ung Park, near the office of the Royal Company. Which are established to allow vegetation to blend with the terrain at high altitudes, such as avocado, plum, pear and persimmon trees and landscaping. Winter flowers such as roses, Hydrangea Pyrostegia, Venusta also trying to bring the local flora and fauna of the area of ​​Pang Ung was a shovel and orchids and orchids.

pang ung lake, pang ung, pang ung mae hong son

When sun begins to rise behind the mountain you will see the fog slowly crawling from the mountain directly to you. The sight will be unforgettable. It was magnificent. Then when the ray of light shines pass the top of the mountain, the lake color turns to gold and another fog will slowly crawling to you from the other end of the lake.

After the beautiful fog slowly dissolve, you can walk inside the forest park to witness a beautiful Cherry blossom tree that is full bloom.( During January only) Then see the marvelous swan floating pass by in the giant lake.

You also can stay at the bungalow of the Thampla-Phasuea Waterfall National Park or go to stay at Baan Rak Thai Village and come here later.

pang ung lake, pang ung, pang ung mae hong son

pang ung lake, pang ung, pang ung mae hong son

Getting to Pang Ung Lake :

From Mae Hong Son route to Pang Ung, it is the same raod to Pai.

By Bus : To travel by bus, take a local bus at Sai-Yud market in Mae Hong Son. The bus operates 2 times a day at 09:00 a.m. and 03:00 p.m. The trip takes 2.5 hours.

By Car : To travel by your own transportation, from Mae Hong Son, follow the sign to “Ban Rak Thai”. At the “Na Pa Paek” village, turn left. Then, follow the sign to “Pang Ung Reservoir“.

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