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pong nam ron thapai, tha pai hot spring

Pong Nam Ron Thapai

Pong Nam Ron Thapai is a nice place to chill Pong Nam Ron Thapai or Tha Pai Hot Spring is another attraction in the area of Huai Nam Dang National Park has an average temperature of 80 Celsius. Steam from the spring permeates the site in the morning creating fascinating sights. The area is also
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wat phra that mae yen, phra that mae yen temple, phra that mae yen

Wat Phra That Mae Yen

Wat Phra That Mae Yen the great view over Pai Wat Phra That Mae Yen is quite nice, with beautiful views of the pai valley and rice paddies. Wat Phra That Mae Yen have beautiful Big Buddha Statute on the hill, you can take a full view of Pai from here too, The view here
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santichon village , chinese yunnan cultural village, chinese yunnan village

Santichon Village

Santichon Village provides the way of life and Chinese clay houses Pai is beautiful because of the mountain scenery, Pai River, the way of life, and mixed cultures from various tribes. About five kilometers from Pai, there is a village called Santichon Village or the Chinese Yunnan Cutural Village where Yunan tribesmen have moved to
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tham lod, lod cave, tham lod cave

Tham Lod Real Cool Impressive and Amazing Cave

Tham Lod Real Cool Impressive and Amazing Cave Tham Lod  situated in Pang Mapha district, Mae Hong Son Province, Northern Thailand. The Nam Lang River flows through the cave which is filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is also home to large numbers of bats and swifts. In Tham Lod and other caves nearby
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pai canyon, attraction in pai

Pai Canyon Wonderful Nature Attraction

Pai Canyon Incredibly Wonderful Nature Attraction Pai canyon is beautiful – a great place to walk and explore during the day, or go for sunset when it will be more crowded but also worth it. If you ever come to Pai, one of the attractions that you shouldn’t be missing is the impressive and breathtaking
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loy krathong, loy krathong in mae hong son, loy krathong sawan

Loy Krathong in Mae Hong Son

A traditional Loy Krathong celebration in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand In our technology obsessed lives we can often forget to take time to appreciate nature. For city folk, water comes through pipes into our homes, and we often take it for granted. The age-old Loi Krathong festival celebrated throughout Thailand provides an opportunity to
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pai memorial bridge, tha pai world war 2 memorial bridge, tha pai memorial bridge

Pai Memorial Bridge

Pai Memorial Bridge or Saphan Prawatsart Pai in Thai language Pai Memorial Bridge is establish in World War II ( 1942 ) when Japan is powerful in Thailand. Japan solider use Pai for is transportation route from Chiang Mai to Burma. This bridge is the route for transport the forces and weapon to Burma like
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