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Mae Ngao National Park

Mae Ngao National Park ‘Wanna touch the cool water drizzle of the river?’  Visiting a national park is a good idea if you want to escape from hot weather, as it consists of many trees, water sources, and mountains. Therefore you can relax your stress. And if you don’t know which national park you should go,
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Shan People

Who are Shan people? Let’s get to know! There are many ethnic groups inhabited in Mae Hong Son. Many parts of cultures, architectures, lifestyles, and many more in the province, are inspired by these people. That causes Mae Hong Son to be an interesting place, being full-filled with different types of things. One of these
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mae hong son airport

Mae Hong Son Airport

Mae Hong Son Airport & Pai Airport ‘Where to go and what to do’  Is it your first time in Mae Hong Son? Is it your first time of arriving at the two airports? If your answer is yes, then maybe you need a little help, a little information. You will want to know your ways
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songkran festival, songkran festival in mae hong son, songkran festival mae hong son

Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival in Mae Hong Son ‘Have fun with northern-Thai-style water spashing festival.’ Everyone know that Songkran Festival is the new year festival of Thailand. During the festival, people often visit their families and spash water to each other for fun, or even make merit. That’s a fun festival. Every provinces in Thailand, including a
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poi sang long festival, poi sang long festival in mae hong son, poi sang long festival mae hong son, poi sang long, poi sang long mae hong son, poi sang long in mae hong son

Poi Sang Long Festival

Poi Sang Long Festival ‘One of long-time traditions from Shan people’   You may have seen a monkhood/novice-obtaining ritual, with a man/a boy wearing white costumes while having their hair shaved. Well, there is another style of obtaining ritual. You may have never imagine it before. This following ritual is called ‘Poi Sang Long Festival’. It’s
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chong phara tradition, chong phara tradition mae hong son, poi learn sib ed, poi learn sib ed mae hong son

Chong Phara Tradition

Chong Phara Tradition ‘An important tradition of honouring Lord Bhuddha’  This another important local Buddhism tradition that you should know. Chong Phara Tradition is held annually in Mae Hong Son. You should see this for once in lifestime. The name ‘Chong Phara’ is based on Shan language. The tradition is all about honouring Lord Buddha by
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muang sam mhok festival, muang sam mok festival, muang sam mhok festival in mae hong son, sam mhok festival in mae hong son

Muang Sam Mhok Festival

Muang Sam Mhok Festival ‘Have fun with many ethnic performances.’ If you want to join some special festival in Mae Hong Son to full-fill your trip, then this one may sound interesting to you. Muang Sam Mhok Festival is one of the most well-known festivals. ‘Sam Mhok’ is the nickname of Mae Hong Son. You know
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bua tong blossom festival, bua tong festival, bua tong blossom festival in mae hong son, bua tong blossom festival at khum yuam, bua tong festival in mae hong son, bua tong festival at khun yuam

Bua Tong Blossom Festival

Bua Tong Blossom Festival ‘Enjoy sering beautiful yellow flowers.’ If you want to fill your lung with sweet smell of the air, then you’re suggested to go to a place. This place is surrounded with beautiful nature. No pollution. No annoying sound. At Bua Tong Field at Doi Mae-U-Kho, there will be flower festival called ‘Bua
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tea tasting festival at ban rak thai, tea tasting festival in mae hong son, tea tasting festival mae hong son, tea tasting festival

Tea Tasting Festival at Ban Rak Thai

Tea Tasting Festival at Ban Rak Thai ‘All tea lovers, you can’t miss this!’ If you’re a tea lover, you can’t miss this festival. Tea Tasting Festival at Ban Rak Thai will make you feel stunning, as you will have a chance of tasting one of the most delicious tea. If Ban Rak Thai rings a
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mo paeng waterfall, mor pang waterfall, morpang waterfall, mor paeng waterfall

Mo Paeng Waterfall

Mo Paeng waterfall is a great place to chill from the heat Mo Paeng Waterfall is localed about 7 km from Pai, it is accessible by car, motorbike or 4×4. The surroundings are shady with gigantic rocks to climb and jump from into to the fresh pools. Besides, the area nearby Muang Soi Waterfall and
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