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Bua Tong Blossom Festival

Bua Tong Blossom Festival ‘Enjoy sering beautiful yellow flowers.’ If you want to fill your lung with sweet smell of the air, then you’re suggested to go to a place. This place is surrounded with beautiful nature. No pollution. No annoying sound. At Bua Tong Field at Doi Mae-U-Kho, there will be flower festival called ‘Bua
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tea tasting festival at ban rak thai, tea tasting festival in mae hong son, tea tasting festival mae hong son, tea tasting festival

Tea Tasting Festival at Ban Rak Thai

Tea Tasting Festival at Ban Rak Thai ‘All tea lovers, you can’t miss this!’ If you’re a tea lover, you can’t miss this festival. Tea Tasting Festival at Ban Rak Thai will make you feel stunning, as you will have a chance of tasting one of the most delicious tea. If Ban Rak Thai rings a
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mo paeng waterfall, mor pang waterfall, morpang waterfall, mor paeng waterfall

Mo Paeng Waterfall

Mo Paeng waterfall is a great place to chill from the heat Mo Paeng Waterfall is localed about 7 km from Pai, it is accessible by car, motorbike or 4×4. The surroundings are shady with gigantic rocks to climb and jump from into to the fresh pools. Besides, the area nearby Muang Soi Waterfall and
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land split, land split in pai, land split pai, pai attractions

Land Split in Pai

Exploring the Land Split and fantastic restaurant with affordable food and juice Admire the work of Mother Nature at The Land Split Pai Thailand. Originally a quaint farm, the owner was met with a surprise one morning when he noticed that his farmland had been split in half, complicating his daily routine by quite a
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sai ngam hot spring, sai ngam natural hot spring , sai ngam hot springs, hot springs in pai

Sai Ngam Hot Spring

Sai Ngam Hot Spring is a good spot and good place to chill and enjoy the warm water Sai Ngam Hot Spring has a couple of large pools in which people can swim in, with the most popular being the large pool at the top. It is incredibly refreshing. At the top pool, the water
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wat nam hu, wat nam hoo, nam hu temple, nam hoo temple

Wat Nam Hu

Wat Nam Hu is an important temple in Pai Wat Nam Hu features a redented golden chedi and a shrine on a lotus pond. Wat Nam Hu  is about 3 kilometres from Pai Hospital. It is a place of Phra Une Muaeng Monument which is Singha Sarm Budha (Lanna art). The appearance like Pang Marn
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su tong pae bridge, su tong pae, su tong pea bridge, su tong pea

Su Tong Pae Bridge

Su Tong Pae Bridge is very peaceful and excellent place for sunrise and sunset Su Tong Pae Bridge is a great local wooden bridge that be built for monks to the village across. All done by volunteer with best attitude. Su Tong Pae is language of Thai Yai (Thailand people Burma lineage) meaning prayer that
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pang ung lake, pang ung, pang ung mae hong son

The tranquil beauty of Pang Ung Lake

Pang Ung lake is hidden gem behind Ruam Thai village Pang Ung Lake is a place for people who love to touch fresh cold air and beautiful mountains with the lake view. It is one of the Royal Inintiative Projects by HM Queen Sirikit for highland development. Pang Ung is about as far out as
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long neck village baan huay pu keng, long neck village baan huai pu keng, baan huay pu keng, baan huai pu keng

Long Neck Village Baan Huay Pu Keng

Long Neck Village Baan Huay Pu Keng situated in Mae Hong Son, northern Thailand Long Neck Village Baan Huay Pu Keng is often referred to by Thai’s as Long Neck Village Baan Nam Piang Din (actually the name of a nearby village). This will often be preceded by Ban or Baan (the Thai word for village). In addition there are a
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long neck village baan huay sua thao, baan huay sua thao, long neck village, huay sua thao

Long Neck Village Baan Huay Sua Thao

Long Neck Village Baan Huay Sua Thao is a very authentic place and still keep traditional lifestyle. Long Neck Village Baan Huay Sua Thao have about 20 houses war refugees migrated to Mae Hong Son is the first time. Ban Huay Sua Thao is a village of Long Neck Tribe, the closest from Mae Hong
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