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Ban Rak Thai

Ban Rak Thai ‘Taste U-long tea and Yunnan food.’ If you wish to taste Yunnan food and see how delicious it is, let’s come to Ban Rak Thai. Ban Rak Thai is a traditional village of Yunnan people located between Thailand and Myanmar, somewhere on a mountain area, which is 1,800 metres higher than the
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wat klang, klang temple in pai, klang temple, wat klang in pai

Wat Klang

Wat Klang ‘See a Tai Yai Pagoda.’ This small temple hides a great beauty. Wal Klang is a temple in Wiang Tai District, Pai County, Mae Hong Son Province. It’s small and quiet. As soon as you arrive at the place, you will see a reddish-brown gate and a tag showing the name ‘Wat Klang’
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wat phra non, phra non temple, wat phra non mae hong son, phra non temple mae hong son

Wat Phra Non

Wat Phra Non ‘Pay respect to a Buddha statue of lying down manner.’ Now, this is an amazing temple in Mae Hong Son. You have seen many Buddha statues, most of which are in standing and sitting manners. But, at Wat Phra Non, you will get to see a giant-sized Buddha statue of lying down
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wat kam ko, kam ko temple, wat kam ko mae hong son, kam ko temple mae hong son

Wat Kam Ko

Wat Kam Ko ‘This temple is over hundred years old.’ Wat Kam Ko has been a respectable temple of Mae Hong Son over a century. Kam Ko temple was built in 1890. First, it was located on the southern side of Phra That Doi Kong Mu. However, it was moved to the eastern side later,
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wat hua wiang, wat hua wiang mae hong son, hua wiang temple, hua wiang temple mae hong son

Wat Hua Wiang

Wat Hua Wiang ‘Visit Paralakhaeng Vihara and admire the beauty of Shan-Burmese art.’ Here we’re presenting you an interesting temple in Mae Hong Son. Here is where you’re going to see how beautiful Shan-Burmese art is. Wat Hua Wiang was built in 1863. At first, it was located an isolated spot. However, after a series
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pai walking street, pai night market, pai night bazaar

Pai Walking Street

Pai Walking Street ‘Shopping relaxedly.’ What do you think of when somebody says ‘shopping’? Do you think of a fancy store? Do you think of a luxurious mall? Or, do you think of all those hi-end stuffs? Well, simply, whatever you think, it’s not wrong. You can consider anything like that as a shopping. It’s just that we
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muang paeng hot springs, muang paeng hot spring, muang pang hot springs, muang pang hot spring

Muang Paeng Hot Springs

Muang Paeng Hot Springs ‘Have fun with natural hot water!’ Come one, let’s go to a hot spring together! Do you know how good natural hot water is to you? Well, it stimulates blood circulation, making your skin look healthy and preventing you from some diseases. Many people love to soak their bodies in hot
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salawin national park, salawin national park in mae hong son, national park in mae hong son

Salawin National Park

Salawin National Park ‘Enjoy sailing in Salawain River.’  Salawin National national park is also beautiful. Let’s just visit it for once in lifetime. This is Salawin National Park. It’s about 1,013 square kilometres large. That’s enormous. If you go, you will see yourself in the middle of mountains and cliffs. Those mountains are about 200-1,027 metres
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Mae Surin Waterfall National Park

Mae Surin Waterfall National Park ‘Wanna have a relaxing picnic near the waterfall?’   Here is another place that you should love in Mae Hong Son. This one is a national park, another choice that you may want to keep in your mind. All national parks share the same appearance, which is woodland scenery. Yes, that’s
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thampla-phasuea waterfall national park, tham pla-pha suea waterfall national park, tham pla cave-pha suea waterfall national park, tham pla-namtok pha suea national park, tham pla - namtok pha suea national park

Thampla-Phasuea Waterfall National Park

Thampla-Phasuea Waterfall National Park ‘All you need for cave exploring and waterfall picnic’  If you’ve dreamed of having a picnic near a waterfall and explore some cave, then this place should full-fill your need. Thampla-Phasuea Waterfall National Park The Thampla-Phasuea Waterfall National Park takes place from Tham Pla Cave to Pha Suea Waterfall. That’s where the
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